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Hello dear Parents,

My name is Claudia, I am Children Educator & Mediator in Positive Communicaiton for Adults & Children Relationships.

I work mainly with Children with autism. My aim is to guide, and encourage children’s independence, to boost social, emotional and cognitive development.

I created Connecting 2 Children, a method that will give you tools & skills to build a positive, peaceful and respectful connection with your child.

- Build trust and empathy
- Create openness and honesty in your communication
- Instill an understanding attitude of personal responsibilty in your children
- Develop strong listening abilities

This course is inspired by my own childhood healing, trainings and profesionals experiences working with parents and children the last 12 years, including :

-Cultural Mediation
- Positive Communication / Non Violent Communication (NVC)
- Montessori
- Holistic Medicine
- Art Therapy


I invite you to visit my website [xxxxxxx] , if you want to know more about me.
Contact me to book your first free consultation with me. A time to share your main difficuties, doubts... You will feel If I am the right person to help you.

I would love to share with you all, read/hear about your doubts, fears, happy moments as parents!

Looking forward to meet you!

Warms regards,