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My name is Clara Hugues, I am French and live in the Netherlands since 2015 with my Partner and our 2 children.

I am Certified Master Coach, specialized in Transition and Identity Coaching. I accompany women in their search for meaning following the upheavals brought about by their motherhood.

For the past 10 years, I have accompanied entrepreneurs, SME leaders, start-up founders and managers of large companies, in their financial and human needs.

At the same time, during these last 10 years I have had to face changes and transitions (expatriation, reconversion, maternity...) very positive on paper but which put me in difficulty. The birth of my children got me particularly into trouble.

I decided to get a coaching training in 2019 to deepen my knowledge and techniques of accompaniment. Beyond all the fascinating things I learned about personal development, I got to know myself. I came back stronger, more fulfilled and confident from the identity, emotional, psychological and physical upheaval that motherhood had triggered in me. The discovery of coaching was such a revelation that I decided to make it my profession.

Today, I am driven by the needs of mothers. I specialize in motherhood transition coaching to accompany women who, like me, are a little lost after the arrival of their child(ren) and wish to reveal themselves.


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  • Main diploma : Certification Master Coach - Professional Corporate and Life Coaching
  • Other diploma : Bachelor's Degree - Economics and Management
  • Other diploma : Master's Degree - Finance
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