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I'm a mother of two, each one born in a different country, non of which was my home country Sweden. I know all about what it's like to go through pregnancy, birth and raise small children in a culture that is not your own, with a language that is not your own, and far away from the support of close family.

After the birth of my second child, I decided that I want to use my own knowledge and experience in order to help support other parents. I started by getting certified as a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator in 2020. I myself used HypnoBirthing for both my pregnancies and births, and found it extremely calming and helpful. My first birth was in a birth center, the second one at home. Both were beautiful, positive and very empowering experiences that increased my passion for everything pregnancy and birth related. I now offer to help other parents prepare for their births through the HypnoBirthing program, which offers a great amount of childbirth education as well as plenty of useful tools to help you cope with labour and birth.

Shortly after receiving my HypnoBirthing certificate I decided to continue my journey towards becoming a birth doula, in order to be able to extend my support to parents beyond preparation for birth, and be able to also support them in person through labour and birth and postpartum. I recently started this journey and offer my services as a student doula while I work towards completing my doula certification studies.

I work by the belief that each parent knows best what is right for them and their child. This is true for pregnancy, birth, and parenting. There is no one right way to give birth. Each birth is different, and I want to offer my support in a way that it meets the specific needs and wishes of every parent I work with, regardless of context. Each birthing mother should feel empowered and supported in her ability to make informed choices for herself and her baby, to birth the way she chooses to, to trust in her body and her instincts, and to receive help that matches her needs. Because if there is one thing being a mom has thought me, it's that we all need help in some way. They don't say "it takes a village" for nothing. I want to be part of your village.


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  • Main diploma : HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator
  • Other diploma : Certfied by HypnoBirthing International - The Mongan Method
  • Other diploma : Training with BiA Doula Training
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