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I’m Gaia Picciolini, the mother of Luna and Ravi and the partner of Arnoud. I’m Italian, Dutch for love.

Since 2014 I live in Amsterdam, where through my work as a yoga teacher and doula, I support women during the wonderful and challenging months of their pregnancy and along their journey to motherhood.

The births of my children couldn’t have been more different. Both times I had chosen an independent midwife and I had planned a homebirth, but with Ravi in 2017 I had to transfer to the hospital after 24 hours without much progression, meconium and complete exhaustion. There I opted for an epidural, and my son was born after 10 more hours of labour and 2,5 hours of pushing… His birth left me feeling like I had failed, doubting my body and the birthing process. Nevertheless when I got pregnant with Luna I decided to give it another try – and what a great experience that turned out to be!
She was born peacefully at home, under the excited eyes of her brother, after the most loving and intimate 7 hours Arnoud and I ever shared and two mighty pushes.

Her birth taught me a few important lessons: first and foremost it showed me that my body did know what to do. Furthermore the easy arrival of Luna, made me realise how much more strength and courage it had taken me to bring Ravi earth-side through all the pain and doubt. The extra help I needed the first time wasn’t a failure nor a sign of weakness.

I also really learned what I now try to teach all of my clients: that it is not (or it should not be) about the birth you get. What matters is to go through it fully informed, standing in your power, feeling in charge of your story, respected and supported in every choice you make.

There aren’t many moments in life able to show us how strong and powerful we are: birth is one of them. It leads us deep within ourselves to re-emerge changed, renewed, and enriched with a new awareness of ourselves.

My job is to hold the space for you so that your experience can be just as magical.


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