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Mother, Doula, Hypnobirthing, Sacred Ceremonies & Healing Worker
For the last 6 years, I have been committed to my own personal and spiritual growth. I love to laugh, dance, learn about my shamanic roots & connect with like-minded sisters and mothers. As I am discovering to fully embrace myself and living from my heart – I have decided to change my career path and become a Birth Worker!

"One Of My Intention As Holistic Birth Worker Is To Mother The Mother And Enable The Parents To Have The Most Satisfying And Empowered Time They Can Through This Important Journey Of Giving Birth "

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  • Phone number : +31 0641916651
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  • KVK-number : 78434246
  • VAT-number : NL003339108B59
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My Diplomas & Trainings

  • Main diploma : Birth Doula Training, BIA Centre Amsterdam
  • Other diploma : Yoga & Ayurveda (50-hour), Victoria (Tory ) Raven Hyndman
  • Other diploma : HypnoBirthing International & Child Birth - Education- The Mongan Method
  • Other diploma : Reiki, Erik Teichmann