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Hey there!
My name is Shala and I am an Aussie birth worker based in Utrecht.

Practicing as a full spectrum birth worker means I support you through all aspects of your conception journey.
Fertility, miscarriage/abortion, birth and postpartum are all experiences that require care, nourishment and someone to hold space through each transformation.

I have trained and worked as a social worker for the past few years, and had the honour to support a diverse range of clients; I have skills in trauma informed care & mental health and wellbeing. I believe in approaching birth holistically, centering the client and ensuring everyone is aware of their options (and advocating where necessary!)

I work with expats and anyone who feels called to have me walk beside them on their birth journey.


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  • Phone number : 0687943556
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  • Instagram : birth_shala
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  • Main diploma : Bachelor of Social Work
  • Other diploma : Maternal Support Practitioner Certification, Bebo Mia Inc.
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