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Barbora M.

I would like to make everyone think openly and deeply like Claudia has made us; sensitive to every need of everyone around. We are sometimes stubborn and we don’t want to think out of the box. We suppose we know everything the best. The best for us, the best for our children. But do we really get all the signals right? Do we really listen and do we take time to think about our answer, reaction, expression? This course is not just about connecting to your children. To do so, you learn that you need to first propreely connect to the child within yourself. It can be somehow surprising how much care and connection all children need, your small self included! Claudia has a gift of being a gentle and encouraging guide helping to unpuzzle the deep patterns of our behavior which can hurt our children. As she always offers some solution.  Thank you Claudia for squeezing the best of us!

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