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My name is Danielle Kempers and I'm a mother of 3. I have been working as a neonatal nurse since 1999. During my work in the hospital I was regularly asked by parents if they could also take me home. This is why I've started the Baby Practice. Parents often run into problems with their baby at home and have the feeling that they have no where to turn. I felt that this had to change and that every family has the right to a nice and relaxed start.

From basic respite at night for the first few weeks to more comprehensive care, breastfeeding support, sleep training, help with multiples , preemies or special needs infants, scheduling and family support over the course of the infant’s first few months. Consider my help as the training wheels on your first bike!
You can also follow different courses (parenting, Babymassage) and consult me for coaching. I'm specialized in babies with sleepissues and excessive crying.

Recently I opened an Exclusive Babyspa & Wellness. My goal is to offer you and your baby a moment of relaxation and in the meantime answer all the questions you may have concerning your baby. Besides Floating, you can also book an appointment including a babymassage workshop.


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  • KVK-number : 69854165
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  • Main diploma : Intensive Care Neonatal Nursing
  • Other diploma : Nursing (Hospital)
  • Other diploma : Babymassage teacher
  • Other diploma : Baby Yoga Teacher