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Annie C.

THE BEST MASSAGE I've ever had - maternity or otherwise. First, Genna's practice in a small building in a cosy neighborhood and immediately feels comfortable, homey and relaxed. She is easy to talk to, keen to really understand your preferences and needs, and clearly considers your holistic situation in your treatment. Especially important for pregnancy, Genna asks upfront about what you are comfortable with and offers lots of options for different positions to accommodate your preference. The thing that really stood out to me about the treatment was that it was an intense, massage with some serious power, but totally perfect safe and tailored to pregnancy. The other prenatal massages I've had were always to soft and felt like the therapist was nervous or unsure about what to do. But not Genna - she is clearly extremely knowledgeable and experienced and that confidence results in an outstanding treatment. I'm not exaggerating when I say that afterwards I felt like a new person. In the hustle and bustle of a second pregnancy, I didn't realize until that moment how much my body and mind was carrying and how much I needed to slow down and take care. Another thing I loved about the treatment was communicating with Genna - her manner, easy conversation, personal approach and also seriousness as a therapist. She is a true professional through and through and I could not recommend her enough. I will continue to use her services for the rest of my pregnancy and beyond, and also gift sessions with her to loved far the best massage you can get in Amsterdam!

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