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Congratulations you are pregnant, and you are going to give birth in Amsterdam!
You first need to make an appointment with a midwife (verloskundige).
In the Netherlands you also need to book a kraamzorg – Kraamverzorgende.
I am a French kraamzorg.
I speak French, Dutch and English.
I am specialised for Expats in Amsterdam.
I am a professional, discreet and caring Kraamzorg.
France & The Netherlands, Paris & Amsterdam are since I was a little girl in my life. I am French, was born in Paris but I grew up in Amsterdam.
Proud mother of 4 teenagers, I am happy married to Martin.

Taking care of people always had a big role in my life. And today I am trained to help mamas after the birth as a Maternity care (Kraamzorg).

You also can contact me for kraamzorg plus (after the kraamzorg)

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