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Briana (@alwysb) is an international healer, yoga guide, Reiki Master Teacher, & full spectrum doula. I intentionally choose to work primarily with Black, POC, + Indigenous families.

Briana holds sacred space for those looking to activate their path to purposeful living by delving into themselves, remembering who they really are + heal shit that’s not always easy to face. I believe that healing is a choice, but is accessible to everyone. I am a womanist + eternal student of line, who is deeply passionate about nurturing safe spaces for Black people in the health and wellness community.
I enjoy reading, baking, napping, and being Black.

Learn more about me here: alwysbhealing[dot]com/aboutbriana

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  • Main diploma : Sumis Touch, All Black Doula Training
  • Other diploma : Reiki Master Teacher
  • Other diploma : Certified Yoga Guide, Vinyasa Flow + Yin Yoga
  • Other diploma : B.A. Public Relations