Doulas guide you throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum

Pregnancy is a time of excitement and joy, but doubts and questions often come along: this is only normal! Becoming a parent is a monumental transformation during which emotional and physical support is essential. If you feel you need extra support during pregnancy, birth, or after your baby is born, a doula might just be the person you are looking for.

Read through our article below to discover the role of doulas and how they can help you during this special time of your life.

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1. What is a doula?
2. What is a birth doula?
3. What is a postpartum doula?
4. What is the difference between a midwife and a doula?
5. What are the qualifications of a doula?
6. I have also heard about holistic doulas - what is the difference with a doula?
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Find a birth doula1. What is a doula? 

The word comes from the Greek word doule, which means female helper or servant. While a midwife focuses on clinical care, a doula provides physical, emotional and informational support throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It is a trusted support which helps you make informed choices throughout your journey and guide you through to a positive birth experience. She can assist you both if you give birth at home or at the hospital.

A standard doula package will include several sessions during pregnancy (to get to know each other, discuss your personal needs and wishes as well as ask the questions you might have around birth), a guidance throughout birth and a couple of sessions with your baby to discuss postpartum challenges and questions.

You can also choose a birth doula package, a postpartum doula package or a holistic doula approach.

2. What is a birth doula? 

The term birth doula refers to the support of the doula given to a woman and her birthing partner during childbirth. The birth doula works with the rest of the birth team and assists mum and partner throughout the whole birthing experience.

3. What is a postpartum doula? 

A postpartum doula will help parents navigate their first weeks with the new baby. Life with a newborn can sometimes be overwhelming: a postpartum doula will come to your home and help you go through this emotionally intense period.

In most cases, a postpartum doula will:

  • Give advice on how to take care of your baby
  • Make sure you are on your way to recovery as a mother
  • Support both parents on their emotional journey to parenthood
  • Perform light household maintenance
  • Cook nutritionally appropriate meals

Discuss your wishes and needs with the postpartum doula you have chosen so you can make sure she is the right fit. She will share precious and intimate moments with you. Therefore, it is important you feel fully comfortable with her.   

Postpartum with a doula4. What is the difference between a midwife and a doula? 

While your midwife (or your doctor) is responsible of the medical decisions during pregnancy and labour, the purpose of the doula is to guide and reassure you before and throughout labour. She will help you gain confidence and keep a sense of calm often leading to a safer labour and a better birth experience.

5. What are the qualifications of a doula?

This may vary from one doula to another. Always check the qualifications of the professional you have chosen before booking an appointment. Major certifying organizations training doulas include BIA Doula Training, DONA International or ICEA, just to name a few. Doulas can follow different courses around birth and postpartum and often complement their practice with massages or breastfeeding advices.

6. I have also heard about holistic doulas – what is the difference with a doula?

All doulas offer physical and emotional support but the term holistic doula often refers to a holistic approach considering mind, body, as well as spirit. If spirituality is an important aspect for you, you might want to look more specifically for a holistic doula.

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