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Birth & Parenthood Preparation Courses

Finding the right birth & parenthood preparation course is not always easy ⭐️ LET US HELP YOU ⭐️ Click the chat button on the bottom right corner of your screen and tell us a little bit about you → we will help you find the course that best matches your needs!

More about birth preparation courses

Whether you are expecting your first or third child, a birth preparation course can help you gain confidence and feel more prepared for the arrival of your baby, and the months to come in general. Mindful birthing, water birthing, hypnobirthing, Bradley method approach: there is a large variety of courses and approaches to choose from. No method is better than the other, the most important is that you feel comfortable with the one you go for. Read through our category descriptions, decide what best matches your needs and browse through our selection of birth preparation course providers to find the course that best fits your needs! The content of prenatal courses may vary from one provider to another. Nevertheless, they all aim at helping you (and in most cases your birthing partner) feel prepared for the arrival of your baby and the following months. The course is generally split into a few sessions and covers topics such as: pregnancy, labour and delivery, birthing options, medical interventions, pain-relief techniques, birthing positions, birth plan, breastfeeding as well as postpartum care. For more information about birth courses, please visit "Our categories of services" in the footer menu.

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