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Welcome to Witsenkade Verloskundigen.
Warm, personal, well-grounded and transparent. We are your midwife.

We are a small and close-knitted team of highly experienced and knowledgeable midwives. Quality of care, personal attention and making sure we can unburden you are paramount to us. We help you make your own choices, based on complete information and personal guidance and we do whatever it takes to make sure your pregnancy is a special experience.

~ Warm and wise
: through experience, we can act with confidence and tranquility. We quickly get to the core. Never be afraid of any judgment, just feel free to be as you are!

~ Simplicity and quality: we like a straightforward and down-to-earth approach. We give clarity and certainty. We do our work well and with care.

~ Humour
: we really love our work and do it with have a positive and lighthearted mindset.
~ Powerful and togetherness
: we truly believe in people and love everyone's differences. Therefore there's never a routine. We find the balance between your wishes and effective care. We inform, you decide.

We are present on 2 locations:
• Main location: Nicolaas Witsenkade 35-O, 1017 ZT Amsterdam
• Dependance: Lindengracht 204, 1015 KL Amsterdam
Our practices are fully equipped with all the medical equipment to monitor the health of mother and child during the check-ups. We have our own ultrasound device within the practice, the doptone to measure the heartbeat of the baby and everything required to perform blood tests from the mother and measuring vital functions such as blood pressure.

Multiple ultrasounds will be made during your pregnancy and you can always schedule extra (non-medical) ones if you'd like. Most scans are made in our own practice at the Nicolaas Witsenkade. The first one enabling you to see your baby for the first is made around 7-11 weeks. The specialist ultrasounds (13- and 20-week ultrasound) are made in our ultrasound center Echopunt*. For each ultrasound, you always get a photo and can save them on a USB.

+ All the information in our practices is also available in English.
+ You can schedule extra (non-medical) ultrasounds with us if you'd like.

To find out what other parents think of Witsenkade Verloskundingen, just scroll down and read our reviews at the bottom of this page.

For more info and to register, please visit: witsenkade[dot]nl
You can also contact us by phone on +31-20-627-9767 or by email at info[at]witsenkade[dot]nl.

♥︎ Our assistant can be reached Monday till Friday between 9.00 am and 1:30 pm.

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Please contact us directly to schedule a meet/call so we can discuss your needs and wishes.

Please contact us directly to schedule a meet/call so we can discuss your needs and wishes.

Feel free to call us on 020-627 9767 between 9.00am to 13.30pm, send us an email at info@witsenkade.nl or book a free intro consult on this link: www.witsenkade.nl/en/register.


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