Tiger & Turtle - The Reconnect Retreat, 23-26 June

Domburg, Netherlands

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The Reconnect Retreat ◆ June 23rd to 26, 2022
In association with Angela Zinser, founder The People Network

In our current time we are suffering from several disconnections:
◆ Disconnect to myself
◆ Disconnect to others
◆ Disconnect to the planet

The good news is, we can learn to regulate ourselves managing our emotional & physical state.
Through breathwork, yoga, meditation and coaching we can find a place within us - where we can access states of calmness, peace and trust and emotions of love, joy and flow. This reconnection to our own being allows us to authentically reconnect with others and the world around us.

The Reconnect Retreat is a beautiful mix of time in nature, yoga, breathwork, meditation, coaching, me-time, exploring the surroundings and time together:

◆ Breathwork
. Tap into altered states of consciousness & transformation
. Experience deep meditation, peace & healing

◆ Yoga
. Come home to your body
. Flow & rise with body & mind
. Gain stability & strength

◆ Coaching
. Reflect on your life & find your inner resources, joy, love and piece
. Find out how to create a more connected life

◆ Meditation
. Relax and find inner calmness & peace
. Connect with your heart and soul

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About the practitioner

  • Spoken language(s): English, German
  • Experience in years: 13

Catalogue of services

Your Investment for the Retreat - 23h

Meetups, Circles & Retreats
For more details, availability and bookings, please go to ➡️ https://tiger-turtle.com/reconnect-retre
For more details, availability and bookings, please go to ➡️ https://tiger-turtle.com/reconnect-retreat-june/
⚠️ Booking is not possible on Parentally

◆ Your Investment for The Retreat:
669€ - 749€ (excl. tax) depending on sleeping option

. 3,5 days The Reconnect Retreat with two leading experts and daily yoga, breathwork and coaching sessions
. 3 nights accommodation (Farmhouse, caravans or luxury tents)
. 3,5 days of vegan catering

◆ Bring a friend option: 100€

Bonus options:
As a bonus you can add
. 1:1 sessions with Johanna or Angela for a special price (during retreat in the Wikkelhouse or after & before the retreat in downtown Amsterdam):
. 1:1 breathwork journey session with Johanna: 60 min for 150€
. 1:1 biohacking consultation with Johanna: 30 min for 90€
. 1:1 coaching session with Angela: 60 min for 150€
. 1:1 “Soul reading” session with Angela: 30 min for 90€

Get in touch with Johanna for more details and booking
➡️ https://tiger-turtle.com/reconnect-retreat-june/


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Cancellation policy: Flexible

> If the asker cancels more than 1 day(s) before the start of the service, he will be refunded 100 % of the amount paid
> If the asker cancels less than 1 day(s) before the start of the service, he will be refunded 50 % of the amount paid

Specific Terms & Conditions

⚠️ For practical reasons, the retreat cannot be booked on Parentally at the moment.
To book your spot, please go to → tiger-turtle[dot]com/reconnect-retreat-june

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