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Mundo Midwives in The Hague stand for custom-made obstetric care.
We offer many different services such as ultrasounds, blood sampling and consultations with a midwife.
All in one appointment at our practice.

It can be overwhelming to have a baby when living away from your home country, in a different obstetric system. We provide complete obstetric care that suits the needs and expectations of those used to care abroad. Our goal is to provide care such that every woman can look back contently at her pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. We shall discuss with you what you need to achieve this goal.

• We work in close cooperation with the gynaecologists from both hospitals and the International Health Center in The Hague.
• We have extensive experience in HypnoBirthing (bath) deliveries.
• We offer many additional services at our practice: we prepare you for birth in Holland with our information meeting in English.
• It is possible to book (pelvic floor) physiotherapy consultations, shiatsu massages, breathing therapy, homeopathy and acupuncture appointments at our practice, and babywearing consultations at home.
• You are welcome to visit us before pregnancy for a preconception consultation.

We are a team of 5 midwives and 2 assistants. Together, our goal is to provide obstetric care that allows every woman to look back positively on their pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. Each woman should give birth in the way she chooses – at home or in a hospital, with or without analgesia – just the way she wants it. Which is why we consider it important to adapt our obstetric care to your personal needs.

~ We listen to you closely: we take our time to listen to you and your partner and to answer any questions that you might have. We think it is important to get to know you so we can detect any changes and respond adequately.
~ We help you feel confident: it is important to us to make women feel confident about their own strength. We know from experience that self-confidence will lead to less complications during the pregnancy and the birth and will help you relax.
~ We adapt our care to your needs: our primary concern is to provide safe and high-quality obstetric care. We made a conscious decision to have a small midwifery practice, so that we can offer custom-made care and adapt that care to the individual wishes of each future parent.
~ We are always honest and straightforward: during every checkup, we will review the health status of you and your baby, and we will determine what you need for a healthy pregnancy. The information and advice that we give you will always be straightforward, honest, and custom-made.

Our practice is located at Scheveningseweg 72, 2517 KX The Hague.
We also offer consults at:
• Ruychrocklaan 171 – Benoordenhout, Huisartsenpraktijk Zorgpunt, 2497 EA The Hague (only on Wednesday mornings 8:30am-12:00)
• Paviljoensgracht 1 – Consultatiebureau en CJG, 2512 BL The Hague (only on Tuesday mornings 08:30-13:30)
• De Carpentierstraat 56 – Bezuidenhout Child and Family Center (CJG), 2595 HL The Hague (one on Wednesday afternoons 13:00-17:00)

Our practice offers many different care-related services such as ultrasounds, blood testing and other laboratory research, which can all be offered consecutively in one single appointment, along with your consultation with the midwife. This enables us to give you an immediate explanation and take action if necessary.

Another important matter to us is to make a custom-made obstetric care plan for all pregnant women. This plan describes your needs and developments, so that they can be the primary focus during your pregnancy. We also often collaborate with gynaecologists who work at hospitals in the Hague. We can schedule appointments with one these gynaecologists at our practice during which, together with one of our midwives, we will discuss with you the best course of action.

In addition to obstetric care, we also offer pelvic floor physiotherapy, massages, psychological counselling, dietary advice, acupuncture and consultations on babywearing. All of these options are provided at our practice.

All ultrasounds can be done directly at our practice and are conducted by specialized ultrasound technicians, using advanced equipment.

+ Consultations with a gynaecologist and your midwife are possible at our practice
+ We have consultation evenings every week (including ultrasounds!)
+ We are a HypnoBirthing-friendly practice. Sylke and Michelle are certified HypnoBirthing teachers.
+ We organise a great afternoon program called 'Delivering in The Hague', where we provide honest information about your options, and help you make choices.

To find out what other parents think of Mundo Vroedvrouwen, just scroll down and read our reviews at the bottom of this page.

For more info and to register, please visit: verloskundige-praktijk-mundo[dot]nl
You can also contact us by phone on +31-70-3468288 or by email at info[at]mundo-vroedvrouwen[dot]nl

♥︎ Our assistants can be reached Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00

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  • Experience in years: 22

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Please contact us directly to schedule a meet/call so we can discuss your needs and wishes.

Please contact us directly to schedule a meet/call so we can discuss your needs and wishes.

Feel free to call us on 070-3468288 between 9.00am to 5:00pm, or send us an email at


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Teresa -.

My experience with Mundo Midwives is very positive. The Mundo Team helped me warmly and professionally. They are always there for you when you have worries and they take the time to help you. If needed they come to see you at home!

Maaike -.

I would love to share my good experience with the practice of Mundo Midwives. I doubted choosing them because of the amount of midwives, but I am so happy I chose them for my first pregnancy. They are all warm women that are nice to be around. During the pregnancy they informed us well in all steps and gave us very good advices. The midwifes, ultrasound specialists and the assistants were all involved and we could always ask all our questions. The care during our home delivery was wonderful. They gave us confidence and made sure there was a peaceful environment. The observation during the delivery was very good, with the right advices in the right moment. I am so greatful for the care we received. I can warmly recommend Mundo Midwives.

Eva -.

During the pregnancy of my daughter and my son I was under the care of Mundo Midwives. My experience was beyond good. Not only their expertise, but their envolvement and warm way of communicating made me feel good. Also they are down to earth and are humorous. You are not seen by only one midwife but by more. They all have their own (wonderful) personality and are great at that they do. I always felt at ease, could call them if needed and the consultations were a good experience. Thank you Mundo Midwives, keep up the good work!

Kezia -.

“Catch the wave” was the best advice the midwife could give me. It became my mantra during both my home deliveries with Mundo.
Mundo gives professional care but also the confidence that your body is made to welcome a little miracle into the world.

Zeliha -.

A great team that always offers a listening ear. I was very scared to have my first delivery, with their strength and motivation I had a great experience. Now I’m back for my second baby and have 100% confidence in team Mundo.

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