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Your fertility, pregnancy and birth are at the heart of your power and magic. There is a roadmap leading to this sacred space of birthing, a pleasure based path.
Isis offers carefully handpicked evidence based knowledge and sacred feminine teachings merged into a complete roadmap into your memorable love based birth. A space where you can confidently relax into motherhood by trusting the feminine power within you.

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  • Spoken language(s): English, Hebrew
  • Experience in years: 10

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Personal Pregnancy Roadmap ~23h incl. 5 meets of - 1h 30m

Pregnancy & Birth Doulas
Being pregnant is being on a journey. A wonderful one of creating and bringing love into life. And like...
Being pregnant is being on a journey. A wonderful one of creating and bringing love into life. And like any good journey, it also raises many questions, concerns and fears regarding the unknown. Knowing that you are accompanied by a Doula who can provide you with guidance and shed light on your path can be highly comforting at this time of your life.

The continuous and reassuring care I provide throughout your pregnancy and birth creates a safe place for you. A place where you and your precious baby are always heard, accepted and taken care of. A place where any questions you have will be answered honestly and directly. The safer you feel, the more space there is for love – love for yourself and love for your baby.

You will gain trust and confidence in your ability to give birth.
You will become proactive.
You will find your intuition
You will be prepared to be a fierce, beautiful and protective mother.
More than a Doula
I am an experienced mother of 3 boys, Hypnobirthing & Orgasmic Birth facilitator, prenatal yoga teacher, Chinese Medicine practitioner and birth doula. I have a vast body of knowledge that I’m passionate to convey in the help and information I give you. Equipped with this knowledge your baby’s birth and your birth vision will unfold as it is supposed to, smooth, safe and powerful.

I have helped hundreds of new mothers to birth simply and beautifully. Once you realise how your body, mind & spirit perform together within birth, you will see how childbirth can progress smoothly and powerfully for you too. Cultivating a pleasant and calm state of mind will generate a peaceful passage for your baby to the outside world. This is also how an orgasmic birth comes within your reach.

Simplify Your Pregnancy

The service I offer can simplify pregnancy and birth. I help you stay confident in your ability to nurture and birth a healthy baby. My services will also help you navigate the maze of modern obstetrics and the maternity care system.

You will receive a map to navigate conventional medical care policy
You receive 3 prenatal appointments of 1.5 hour
You get the possibility to have a price reduced HypnoBirthing & Orgasmic Birth course
I provide 1 meeting with your care provider, so all parties are aligned to your wishes
You will have continuous contact with me via phone or email.
Balanced Birth Experience

From week 37 of your pregnancy until week 42, and longer if needed, l go on standby for your birth. As soon as you suspect that your birth has begun, or if you are unsure about whether your birth has actually started, please contact me. When you feel my presence is needed, I will be by your side within a maximum of one hour. I will stay with you during your birth for as long as it unfolds

With a keen eye and caring heart, knowing countless ways to help you find comfort, I will make sure that your privacy is respected and will create a space that helps you feel safe and protected. This is especially important in the unfamiliar and often overwhelming hospital environment. I can help explain what is happening with compassion and without judgment or medical jargon. By remaining clear-headed, I can see the pros and cons of any situation and relay them to you and to your partner. The information you receive is balanced and you can therefore make your own decisions. My work is on keeping your birth normal and empowering, having your best interests at heart, so you know that someone is always on YOUR side, holding the space for you and your family.

Baby Care Counselling

I would be delighted to meet you and your baby as you settle together, and reflect back on your birthing experience. On the first days after your birth, I am here to offer support, encouragement and practical help to aid you with the smooth transition into parenthood. My support in protecting your baby comes in the form of breastfeeding counselling, baby care and bonding support. I will also provide any information you may wish on local postnatal support groups and activities. For any question you may have during the postpartum period, I am available for you by phone and email.

Please contact me for your Personal Pregnancy Roadmap to a healthy heart-centered pregnancy and baby.


Care Free Consultation - 1h

Pregnancy & Birth Doulas
Utilize my comprehensive experience as a mother of three, hypnobirthing trainer, birth doula, personal...
Utilize my comprehensive experience as a mother of three, hypnobirthing trainer, birth doula, personal development coach and yoga teacher specialized in pre- & post-natal knowledge. Within this short consultation I’ll be able to advise you on your next easy to take steps.


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