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Your fertility, pregnancy and birth are at the heart of your power and magic. There is a roadmap leading to this sacred space of birthing, a pleasure based path.
ISIS offers carefully handpicked evidence based knowledge and sacred feminine teachings merged into a complete roadmap into your memorable love based birth. A space where you can confidently relax into motherhood by trusting the feminine power within you.

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Orgasmic Birth Secrets Unveiled ~1 Day Course - 7h

Birth Preparation Courses
On this all-round course you will discover what is mostly unknown and overlooked, the subtle layers
On this all-round course you will discover what is mostly unknown and overlooked, the subtle layers within yourself that greatly influence the physical manifestation of your birth.

Investigating the connection between sexuality and spirituality to birth, setting aside fears and opening emotional and spiritual pathways to possibilities, you realise how these interwoven aspects enable a significant occurrence at birth, and how you can make your birth a truly “La’ Grand Entrance“ - An euphoric elation blended with the most purest love for both baby to be welcomed into earth side, and for mother to be initiated into her motherhood, first time and all times after.

This gate primes us to be the mother we want to be, resulted in a content and happy baby that with time will explore the world and her inner abilities from a place of confidence, love and trust. This is the secure nourishing ground that enables a lifelong love connection. This is when we remember and live life out of the most highest state of being, of who we truly are- LOVE.

Orgasmic birth is accessible to all mothers, whether planning to give birth at the hospital, at home or a birthing centre. it’s natural and within your reach, as the nature of birth is an orgasmic one, its essence is flow. Becoming aware of the nature of birth, and how to align yourself with it, your birth becomes a smooth, pleasurable, ecstatic, orgasmic rite of passage for you, your baby and your partner.

What will you learn?

- Explore the core principles of orgasmic birth
- The connection between sexuality, spirituality and birth.
- Essential information and the primal knowledge to bring you to your orgasmic birth
- Body, mind and spirit practices & rituals
- Tap into your inner feminine wisdom for making powerful choices
- How to create a peaceful and meaningful life as a mother
- Holistic perspectives and guidance to pleasure based birthing
- Healing and preventing of birth trauma

What will you receive in addition to the above?

The passage into motherhood addresses 3 specific layers, each body on its qualities and gifts heightens your perspective on your ability to birth. As a whole you will be optimally primed to create a loving welcoming passage for your baby into this world, using these in depth three journeys:

The Physical Body:

Sensuality of birth
Giving birth as making love
Yoni wisdom & Yoga
Authentic movement, breath & sound
Birth sensations as a gate to transcendence
Oxytocin Bathing

The Emotional Body:

- The emotional & mental bodies during pregnancy and birth.
- From fear to love- Emotional energy as a powerful constructive force.
- Boundaries & unconditional love
- Meeting your baby
- Inner Child & Divine Mother
- Wholeness of motherhood

The Spiritual Body:

- The spiritual process of pregnancy & birth
- Creating and tapping into a sacred space
- The power of birth
- Childbirth as a rite of passage
- The feminine essence
- House blessing and welcoming ceremony
- The days to follow

This program is designed for mothers only. Three gatherings spread over 3 consecutive weeks. First gathering is always on the full moon of each month.


Fine Feminine Fundamentals - Group course - 6h

Birth Preparation Courses
The Fine Feminine Fundamentals workshop equips you and your partner with the optimal body, mind & sp
The Fine Feminine Fundamentals workshop equips you and your partner with the optimal body, mind & spirit preparation to experience the best possible birth for you and your baby. A full day packed with integrated knowledge for a smooth and powerful love based birth. Created to enhance your innate ability to experience pleasure during childbirth.

A workshop based upon Inbal’s knowledge and experience as a HypnoBirthing trainer, Doula, Orgasmic Birth Facilitator, Yoga & Pilates teacher and Chinese Medicine practitioner. All these worlds integrated and specifically handpicked to create a unique birth experience for you to surrender and elevate as a woman and ultimately a mother.

In this comprehensive workshop you will know what a smooth, powerful and intimate birth looks like. You will receive techniques, methods and tools to eliminate fear and stress, and to create a calm birthing environment where you’ll be able to use your natural instincts to birth the way nature intended you too. Open up to the secrets that unleash your innate power and inner wisdom to help your baby to enter the world, nourished and calm.

What will you learn?

Break through the myth that pain is a necessary for birth
Eliminate the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome
How your body is naturally designed to conceive, nurture and birth with power and pleasure
Natural relaxant; the only safe birth enhancement
Natural ways to bring your body into birth without artificial chemical induction
How to create a birthing environment that is calm, serene and joyful
Allow yourself to breathe your baby into the world without the violence of hard physical pushing
Shorten your birth by several hours
Eliminate or greatly reduce the need for medical intervention, incl. induction, use of epidural anaesthesia and cesarean delivery
How your partner can have a central role, so he/she will feel empowered and proud
A practical ISIS Guide to good pregnancy nutrition
Demonstration and practice of optimal birth positions
Body toning home exercises and practices
You will receive all the needed documents, demonstrations and handouts and recordings from the workshop for your home practice as well
What will you receive in addition to the above?

The workshop’s cornerstone techniques for relaxation and stress reduction
A ISIS instruction designed to build your confidence and eliminate fears: Power RoadMap
Small classes for personal attention
An initial consultation by telephone or email during the entire course and until your baby arrives.
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We meet in a beautiful studio at the centre of Amsterdam.

If you wish to inquire about another date or if you have any questions at all, please contact Inbal directly for further details, as classes are also available upon request.

Together with the workshop's program packed with the knowledge, wisdom and magic designed to provide you with the optimal body, mind & spirit readiness to experience the perfect birth for you & baby and your partner, also received are 6 audio recordings ( including 3 with my voice for deepening your relaxation cultivated on the sessions), written materials including relaxation scripts, birth plan, detailed notes of all topics discussed and images of the shared practices.

Inbal is a certified HypnoBirthing trainer, a member of the International HypnoBirthing Institute and the HypnoBirthing Nederlands Association, making ISIS courses to be recognised by insurance companies, depended on the package you have with them. Warmly recommend is on checking with your insurance company whether they reimburse HypnoBirthing or any other childbirth preparation course, as you may be entitled to receive a significant amount of money back, up to 200 Euro.

Will be delighted to share with you the content and spirit of ISIS, so your birth will be all aligned with your wishes! For any further questions or if you are interested at receiving more information, please let me know, as I am here for that.


Care Free Consultation - 1h

Birth Preparation Courses
Utilize my comprehensive experience as a mother of three, hypnobirthing trainer, birth doula, person
Utilize my comprehensive experience as a mother of three, hypnobirthing trainer, birth doula, personal development coach and yoga teacher specialized in pre- & post-natal knowledge. Within this short consultation I’ll be able to advise you on your next easy to take steps.


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