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The journey from trying to conceive, through pregnancy, to postpartum recovery, is a profound transformation not just emotionally, but physically. During these stages, nutrition plays a pivotal role, influencing your well-being but also directly impacting the health of your (future) baby.

As a certified nutrition coach specializing in fertility, pre- and postnatal nutrition, I'm here to help you understand the nuances of nutrition, design your optimal supplement plan, and feel energized throughout this exciting journey. Let me help you GAIN knowledge and confidence, truly NOURISH your body (and baby), and RECOVER smoothly after birth so you can enter motherhood with physical and emotional strength.

Here’s my commitment to you:

• Stop feeling overwhelmed by fear-promoting and contradictory nutritional advice
• Take control and gain confidence in your food choices
• Keep your energy high and your hormones balanced
• Foster a strong and healthy foundation for your baby, reducing future health expenses, missed workdays, and other health-related concerns
• Manage weight gain in a healthful and enjoyable way without ever feeling deprived
• Prevent and manage pregnancy-associated complications like gestational diabetes
• Prepare your body for an easier birth and postpartum recovery

Let me guide you to the best nutrition, combining my hands-on experience and the latest research in fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum nutrition.

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  • Spoken language(s): English, Dutch, French
  • Experience in years: 7

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Catalogue of services

Nourished Nest (monthly subscription) - 2h 30m

Pregnancy Nutrition
The "Nourished Nest" retainer offers tailored, in-depth guidance through the maze of pre- and postnatal...
The "Nourished Nest" retainer offers tailored, in-depth guidance through the maze of pre- and postnatal nutrition, ensuring you're confidently and optimally nourished
wherever you are in yor motherhood journey.

***This is for you if…***

You’re trying to conceive and facing fertility issues

You’re pregnant and confused about what to eat for your own health and your baby's development

You recently became a mom and are not feeling like yourself anymore

You’re confused about the tons of nutritional information out there and are worried you’re not doing it right.

You have tons of questions about your diet and are tired of having to figure it all out on your own.

***Let me help you...***

with personalized, reliable nutritional guidance every step of the way, ensuring you feel supported, informed, and empowered on this important journey.

***What to expect:***

- Personalized health assessment
- 90-minutes one-on-one intake session (Zoom)
- Regular Zoom coaching calls
- Ongoing Whatsapp support
- Recipes and handouts
- Free bonus: 1 session with a sophrologist specialised in fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum


Renew and reshape postpartum - 4h

Postpartum Nutrition & Meal Service
This is for you if…

This is for you if…

You're at least six months postpartum and want a tailored approach to regain your pre-baby body and balance.

You want to rediscover the energy and confidence of your pre-pregnancy self.

You want to achieve your desired weight in a way that respects and nurtures your overall health and wellbeing.

Let me help you...

reignite your inner vitality and reclaim your pre-pregnancy physique in a nurturing and non-restrictive way.

What to expect:

- Health assessment based on questionnaires and diet journal
- Two 45-min Zoom sessions
- Personalized recipes and inspiration


Fertility Boost - 4h

For Preconception
This is for you if…

This is for you if…

You're a woman or couple thinking about conceiving, or actively trying, and wish to elevate your health prior to conception, ensuring an impeccable start for yourself and your baby.

You're a woman or couple who've faced challenges with conception in the past and are looking to approach it anew, equipped with informed and holistic nutritional strategies.

You're undergoing IUI or IVF and have extensively researched and prepared for this phase, but would like my expert review of your current diet and supplements plan, to ensure you've left no stone unturned.

Let me help you...

with personalized, science-backed nutritional guidance to help you and your partner or donor understand how to improve your chances of successful conception through diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

What to expect:

- Personal health check
- 90-minutes coaching session via Zoom
- Written supplements plan
- Ongoing Whatsapp support for two months post-session


Prep for birth (and beyond) - 5h

Pregnancy Nutrition
This is for you if…

This is for you if…

You're approaching your due date and wish to build a strong foundation for labour and postpartum recovery.

You want to understand your postpartum nutritional needs, ensuring you're nourished and equipped to support your baby's development, whether you choose to breastfeed or not.

You'd like to map out a postpartum meal strategy before the baby arrives, so you can feel prepared and relaxed.

Let me help you...

boost your nutrition as you prepare for birth and your first months postpartum.

What to expect:

- Personal health check
- Two 45-minutes coaching sessions via Zoom
- One 60-minutes postpartum meal planning workshop


Free Introduction call: pre- and postnatal - 30m

Pregnancy Nutrition
As a passionate advocate for holistic health, my mission is to help you thrive at every stage of your...
As a passionate advocate for holistic health, my mission is to help you thrive at every stage of your motherhood journey, whether you're trying to conceive, are pregnant, or have recently become a mom.

My philosophy centers around empowering women, guiding them to make confident food choices without feeling restricted or overwhelmed.

Let’s get in touch to understand the best route forward and book a free discovery call with me.


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Average rating:
Jenna P.

Working with Amélie was the best decision I made for myself and my baby when pregnant.
She listened to my fears, answered all my questions and supported me with her kindness.
I felt supported and felt really good my whole pregnancy.

Marion E.

I had an amazing experience with Goodnesst. The coach is very insightful, I have never felt judged or criticized. She made sure she understood what was not going so well and gave me tips so that I would be more healthy and feel better in my own body. Never felt forced to follow a strict diet. At Goodnesst, it's really about understanding where you're coming from, where you want to go, and how you want to get there, all in kindness, understanding and acceptation. I loved it!

Birgit V.

Amelie helped me deal with hyperemesis gravidarum throughout my pregnancy and made sure me and my baby were getting all the proper nutrients.
I highly recommend her services if you're pregnant!

Sarah L.

I was scared to gain a lot of weight while pregnant.
Amélie reassured me and helped me eat healthy foods without being on a diet.
Even now, 1 year later I have better relationship with food and I now weigh less than before I got pregnant.

Libby D.

Amelie helped me through a very difficult pregnancy. I was suffering from severe nausea and vomiting for most of my pregnancy. Amelie helped me so much with developing a plan for how to still get the nutrients my baby and I both needed. After each session she sent me a detailed report with information about foods I could try and supplements I should add to ensure my baby was getting all the proper nutrients even with my struggles to eat. Through her suggestions and coaching I was able to find a simple daily routine of foods that my body could handle timed throughout the day that would give me the protein intake needed to manage my nausea and help my baby grow. Later, after my baby was born Amelie coached me in how to eat well for breastfeeding. She also offered helpful advice for introducing solids to my baby at the right time. Throughout the whole journey of pregnancy and breastfeeding Amelie was there for me! When I had questions outside of our scheduled sessions she was always available to answer and give advice. I can highly recommend her services for any pregnant mamas looking for a great nutrition coach throughout their journey!

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