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Welcome to Femme Amsterdam. A modern midwifery practice and women's health center in Amsterdam where you can go 24/7. From the first ultrasound to your 6 week follow-up. We are there for you.

We are a close-knitted team of midwives, echoscopists, practice assistants and care specialists who can accompany you at every stage of your pregnancy and postpartum. With us you choose the best care under one roof, mostly reimbursed by the basic package of your health insurance. 

“We believe that intensive support and involvement during the growth of your baby contributes a relaxed and pleasant pregnancy.” In 2014 Judith de Jong opened the doors to Femme Amsterdam midwifery practice with one wish: to offer you, expectant parents, more. Good care that truly fulfils your personal needs, both during and after pregnancy, and that ensures that you can enjoy every moment of this special time and look back on it positively.

Our innovative approach sets us apart from the rest and we offer you to choose between 3 different packages. Our packages always include additional ultrasounds so that we can carefully monitor the development of your baby. We also work closely with a team of specialists including an acupuncturist, pelvic floor physiotherapist, masseuse, psychologist and nutritionist whose services are included in our Premium and Excellent packages. In addition, we hold various information evenings addressing birth, breastfeeding, nutrition and baby behaviour. Femme-Amsterdam offers the full spectrum of care, including blood work and prenatal screening, all under the same roof.
Our address: Frans van Mierisstraat 50 A, 1071 RV Amsterdam

At Femme Amsterdam you will receive at least 8 ultrasounds during your pregnancy, which can also include a 3D and 4D look at the baby if you’d like. In the Netherlands, you are offered 3 ultrasounds as standard, which are also reimbursed by your insurance or from a subsidy from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. These are the term ultrasound, the 13 and 20 week ultrasound.

+ You can choose between 3 types of packages
+ All ultrasounds are done within our practice

To find out what other parents think of Femme Amsterdam, just scroll down and read our reviews at the bottom of this page.

For more info and to register, please visit: femme-amsterdam[dot]nl
You can also contact us by phone on +31-20-723-1757 or by email at info[at]femme-amsterdam[dot]com.

♥︎ Our assistants can be reached Monday to Friday.

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Please contact us directly to schedule a meet/call so we can discuss your needs and wishes.

Please contact us directly to schedule a meet/call so we can discuss your needs and wishes.

Feel free to call us on 020-723 1757 between or to send us an email at info@femme-amsterdam.com.


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Adhar J.

We had a great experience with Femme. I would highly recommend them. As a US expat pregnant with my second baby I was nervous about how different maternity and delivery care is here than in the states but I was very surprised and pleased with the level of care I received from everyone in the practice. They are all very knowledgeable, capable and caring and helped me to deliver a healthy baby boy.

Arianna R.

Great experience with femme , amazing team of midwifes, I had constant support from the beginning till the and. As an expat in Amsterdam I was very happy to have such a nice team , no question was silly to them ... which was very important for a person like me who was not at home for the first pregnancy ... highly recommended.

Izabela H.

I had great experience with Femme. All midwifes were professional and always ready to assist with help or information whenever needed. They were responsive via phone, email or face to face whenever advise was necessary. Lovely facilities as well. Especially handy, the scans are done in the practice, so no additional travelling to other places for scans is needed.

Maria B.

It has been a great experience for me! I'm Italian so I was a little bit sceptical at the beginning because in Italy when you are pregnant the Gynecologist takes care of you. They are really kind, always ready to help at to give you support in every moment. With them I felt confortable and safe expecially during delivery time. They suggest very nice activities during pregnancy in their practice such as acupuncture and workshops to discuss breastfeeding and delivery, ecc. I really raccomand them with any esitation. They are great!

Denise D.

Very comforting approach to pregnancy, staying on top of all developments of the baby and keeping the parents-to-be well informed and secure. Specially nice practice for expats or international couples but lots of dutch moms-to-be seem to really enjoy and appreciate this innovative approach from Femme as well.

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