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Ayu Doula Amsterdam is born out of the wish to be present for the women, men and mothers of my Community, in the Amsterdam area.

Recently the word community has taken on a total new meaning for me: in these times it seems that the invitation is to expand our boundaries and to keep the doors open to connect at distance as if we were in front of each other.

My approach is based on listening and assessing your needs: I will be meeting you exactly where you are, so that you can safely explore new possibilities when it comes to giving birth or getting ready for the postpartum period, feeling better in your body and making healthier food and lifestyle choices.

​I'll be sharing with you some tools to make this process smooth and I'll be offering you encouragement and guidance along the way.

Holding a Master Degree in Psychology and an HBO Level Degree in Medical Science (Medische Besiskennis) and Ayurvedic Medicine, I am specialised in women's health, fertility and conception, pregnancy and postpartum care.

Here how I can help you with:

- Birth Doula & Birth preparation
- Postpartum Professional Care and treatments
- Herbalism, Nutrition, Lifestyle & Treatments from conception, pregnancy up to the postnatal stage
- Massage Therapy (prenatal and postnatal massages)
- Yoga Therapy
- Fertility and Conception


- Birth Doula Training, BIA Centre Amsterdam
Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver, Sacred Postpartum Window Studies
- Professional Postpartum Care Provider, Midwife Cafe
- Master's Course Ayurveda Obstetrics, Arya Ayurveda Academy
- Spinning Babies workshop, Jennifer Walker
- Rebozo for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Postpartum, Thea van Tuijl
- Aromatherapy for Pregnancy Birth and Postpartum, BIA Centre Amsterdam
- Stillbirth and Pregnancy Loss, BIA Centre Amsterdam
- Postnatal Massage training, BIA Centre Amsterdam
- Miscarriage and Abortion care massage, BIA Centre Amsterdam
- Ayurveda Practitioner Diploma - HBO level, Delight Academy - 4 years
- Ayurveda Practitioner Diploma, AAS Academy of Ayurvedic Studies - 3 years
- Western Medical Training HBO Level, Shenzou University
- Massage Therapist, AAS Academy of Ayurvedic Studies - 2 years
- Nutritional & Lifestyle Coach, EIVS European Institute of Vedic Studies - 1 year
- Advanced Course in Ayurveda Dietetics, Arya Ayurveda Academy

- Master's Course Ayurveda Gynaecology, Arya Ayurveda Academy
- Hormones, Dr. Jolene Brighten

- Yoga Therapy Diploma (800 hrs), The Yoga Therapy Institute
- Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (200 hrs), Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci
- Ashtanga Primary Series TT (100 hrs), Delight Academy
- Ashtanga Intermediate Series TT (50 hrs), Delight Academy
- Ayuryoga (50 hrs), Delight Academy

- Postgraduate Degree in Human Resources Management, SDA Bocconi University
- Master Degree in Organisation and Group Psychology
- Bachelor Degree in Psychology

Teaches Ayurvedic Massage & Treatments at "Ayurveda Practitioner Studies", Delight Academy

Take a look at My Profile to also learn more about my other services. I look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Spoken language(s): Italian, English
  • Experience in years: 4

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Rebozo Closing Ritual - 2h 30m

Rebozo Closing Ceremony
This traditional ritual is performed minimum 6 weeks after birth and 8 weeks after C-section and it
This traditional ritual is performed minimum 6 weeks after birth and 8 weeks after C-section and it is more than a physical treatment. Known for its healing capacity of closing energetically the body after birth and declaring as over the nurturing yet challenging phase of postpartum. Meant to honour and celebrate the new mother that closes the period of pregnancy and postpartum and enters the next stage of her life, it is seen as Rite of Passage.

It includes:

- preparation of the space and cleansing tea
- guided meditation
- sharing of the birth story and postpartum experience
- rebalancing oil massage or acupressure
- warm scented bath (if present at home or foot bath as alternative together with shower)
- rebozo sealing ritual
- warming chocolate spiced milk and closing

The ritual is possible after vaginal birth, cesarean, VBAC in any moment the woman feels ready for it (even a few years after).
The ritual is beneficial also in other stages of life when important changes have happened and we feel ready to move forward and be rebirth.
You are welcome to bring anyone you would like to have as support during the ritual: it can be a close friend, a sister or your mom. In case you would like not to be accompanied in this moment is also fine, be sure the baby is taken care of in that moment.


Free Fertility, Prenatal or Postnatal Intake - 30m

Rebozo Closing Ceremony
The free introduction consult is aimed to give you clarity about how I could support you and help yo
The free introduction consult is aimed to give you clarity about how I could support you and help you navigate my services. It also give us a chance to discuss about your main reasons to be wanting to start a one of my programs and to for me to share my approach as Birth and Postpartum professional.


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